>Moving & Handling

Understand the safe process of moving people to prevent injuries.

>Infection Control

Learn the importance of why infection control measures need be implemented.

>Medication Awareness

Understand the procedures to ensure medication is administered safely.

>Equality & Diversity

Gain awareness of the value of equality and diversity & eliminate discrimination.

>Communication and Record Keeping

Ensure effective communication skills and good practice when recording information.

>Mental Health Awareness

Effectively respond to the mental health needs and recognise the symptoms.

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>Moving & Handling Theory

Understand the moving & handling concepts. No practical included.

>Mental Capacity Act & DoLs

Raise awareness of how both these acts affect the everyday work of care staff.

>Dementia Awareness

Learn the different types of dementia and how to manage it.

>Diet & Nutrition

Assist and help patients in choosing and orally consuming their food & drink.

>Choking Prevention Awareness

Learn the causes of choking, the signs and symptoms, and how to prevent it.

>Pressure Sore Awareness

Understand the risks, signs of infection and how to prevent them.

>Advanced Medication Awareness

Suitable for team leaders and senior carers who assist with medication.

>Catheter Care

Understand what catheterisation is & the risks involved with it.

>Physical Intervention

Learn the different types of dementia and how to manage it.

>Managing Challenging Behaviour

Understand the different types and how to manage them effectively.

>Basic Life Support Awareness

Provide expert care to injured persons before the emergency services arrive.

>Diabetes Awareness

Learn the types, the main issues and causes of diabetes.

>Person Centred Care

Learn about the principles, & how these can be put into practice.

>Fall Prevention Awareness

Minimise the risk of the elderly falling and better understand its implications.

>SOVA Awareness

Understand the importance of safeguarding vulnerable adults.

>Safeguarding of Children Awareness

Introduction to child safeguarding and the issues surrounding it.

>MCA and DOLS for Managers

Designed for managers at any level. Understand your responsibilities regarding MCA & DoLs.

>Domestic Violence Awareness

Learn the emotional & physical effects of domestic violence on both adults and children.

>Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness

Develop the ability to identify the signs, indicators, and motivators of exploitation.

>Child Protection Awareness

Gain an insight into child protection issues & how to manage a range of situations.

>Caring for Children who have been Abused

Ideal for anyone working with children. Learn the signs of abuse & ensure that no further abuse occurs.

>Confidentiality Awareness

Understand of the importance of keeping information safe & when it’s suitable to be shared.

>Anti-Bullying Awareness

Learn how to detect, prevent and protect against bullying

>Emergency First Aid in Care

Learn how to treat unconscious patients effectively & efficiently.

>Automated External Defibrillation

Become competent in the usage of AED machinery & how to respond in emergency situations.

>Health & Safety Awareness

Raise awareness of the need to provide a healthy, safe working care environment.

>Evacuation Chair

Learn the safe & successful operation of an evacuation chair in an emergency.

>Fire Marshalling Courses

Learn to safely conduct fire drills and evacuations in a care setting.

>Food Safety Awareness

Gain knowledge of good food safety practices & how to prevent food poisoning.

>COSHH Awareness

Teaches procedures to anyone handling hazardous substances.

>Fire Safety Awareness

Mandatory course to be taken annually by all staff. Can include fire extinguisher training.

>Autism Awareness

Introduction course for those with no prior knowledge.

>Disability Awareness

Create a working environment of equality and fairness in compliance with The Equality Act (2010).

>Working with Children with Disabilities

Learn about AHDC legislation and how to work legally and ethically.

>Arthritis Awareness

Understand the different types of arthritis and how to care for those with it.

>Epilepsy Courses

Understand how to respond to epileptic seizures and the different types of epilepsy.

>Learning Disability Awareness

Covers several different learning disabilities and how to manage challenging scenarios.

>Asperger's Awareness

Provides a better understanding in how to respond to, and care for, those with Asperger’s.

>Asthma Awareness

Learn the symptoms and treatments, and how to react in an emergency situation.

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